Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Head down in the books working hard

Nothing much to report from yesterday hence the lack of a post last night - I spent most of the day with my head in my Faith & Worship folders, working hard on Unit 12.   Sometimes I wished to myself that they would print the sections of the bible that they want you to read in the actual pages of the workbook, as I spent so much time flipping the pages of my bible back and forth, often just to read a verse or two.  On the other hand, it does mean that I am getting lots of practice on the order of the books of the bible!

Cheap and cheerful tea for the family of bangers and mash last night, with cabbage and broccoli, and I had a couple of chicken legs, cooked in the mini oven.  We also had some absolutely delicious cooked pears from the freezer, and the FH had his with some custard.  I am just hoping that there are more pears like that in the depths of the freezer - almost ambrosial in their sweetness and flavour.  Now to remember whose garden they came from to hope for some more this year?

Today brings sunshine at the moment so hoping to get some washing dry, have got to take the YFG to school for an English Lit revision session, and will keep hard at it with Unit 12 today and hope to get the assignment at least half done.......nice to have targets!

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