Friday, 11 April 2014

Bit of a difference

Had an offer today on Freecycle for "5 boxes of puzzles" which seemed like a very generous offer, and the girls were already thinking that some old lady had died and her children were moving on a stash of puzzles.  After all, "five boxes of puzzles" sounds quite different from "five puzzles", doesn't it?!  Turns out that it was just the five puzzles though.  The FH has instantly fallen in love with one of them, and it is next on the heap to be done.  I also picked one up at the doctor's surgery this morning, so he has enough to be going on with now for a week or so!

Cleaned out some chicken houses, cooked some tea, slept in the sun for 10 minutes, heard from the FH's son who now has a parrot on the way from Paris [don't even ask!] and have done two loads of washing and hung it out to dry in the lovely weather we have had today.

Cream crackered now, so off to bed.  Weekend tomorrow - hurray!

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simplesuffolksmallholder said...

I HAVE to ask - A parrot on the way from Paris? Er?