Sunday, 6 April 2014

Holiday plans

If you clicked on this post hoping to see plans for trips to foreign climes, you will be disappointed!  We have two weeks off from school and gym, and I plan to make good use of the extra time at home.  Granted, the YFG has optician and physio appointments and a revision session at school, so we still have to go places, and the EFG has to do loads of revision and past papers, but I have plans!

  • To finish Unit 12 of Faith & Worship to keep to my schedule for completion.
  • To start Unit 13!
  • To acquire and install a new oven.
  • To clear out the room which was once a dining room and is now being used as an office/dumping ground, and try to acquire some kind of single bed so that it can become a downstairs room for the FH whilst we get our decisions made about moving/extending.
  • To get the verandah cleaned and tidied for summer use and enjoyment
  • To sow some seeds.
  • To post on the local Freecycle for puzzles for the FH [thanks for that idea, Ang!] I have tried to log on there this morning but had to admit that I have forgotten my username so I am awaiting an email. 
I think that may be enough to keep me going for two's your Easter break looking?


sweet blondie blue eyes said...


OH is also a jigsaw fanatic and has a couple of 1000 piece ones that he is happy to pass on if your husband would like them.

I will email you photographs of the boxes.

If there are bits missung he always marks the box.

Angela said...

In our house, the two week Easter break [which starts next Friday] involves one frantically busy week with lots of extra Holy Week events at church, followed by one gloriously relaxed week in Norfolk [ well, relaxed in the sense of house painting, sewing repairs, grass cutting...] But I hope I shall enjoy every minute of it.
What seeds are you sowing??
Hope the studying goes OK [harder with the girls off school though, I imagine]

Morgan said...

Thanks for that, Sweetblondieblueeyes - that would be lovely - will look forward to the email.

Ang - seeds will be a fairly standard selection of veg, as usual, although I know I have missed the boat for tomatoes and peppers now, so I shall have to go and buy young plants. The girls are fairly self sufficient and get on with stuff so not too distracting, I hope [typing that as one of them is yodelling at the bottom of the stairs!!]. Doubt I shall get to any extra Holy Week services as there are none in the village and it would mean travelling elsewhere, which is going to be a struggle with everything I need to be doing for the FH here. I do hope to get to one though. Hope the sun shines at Cornerstones for you xxx

rabbitquilter said...

I see you intend to slow down then - NOT!!!! I hope the weather is reasonable for you to get out and about anyway. I am in the middle of Manic April!! hope my oven doesn't conk out, it is in overdrive!!! Atleast I hope you get a lie-in some mornings!! X

Morgan said...

Lol, RQ - me slow down? Surely not! Hoping to get some time to slow down a little bit and now that some of the chooks are gone, that should free up a tiny bit of time here and there.....