Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Courgettes, courgettes, and yet more...

It is that time of year again! Courgettes aplenty and what to do with them all? I posted before about some cakes we make with courgettes, but there are other recipes under development here too!

This year, I have taken to gently frying a sliced courgette along with a chopped rasher of bacon and a clove of garlic, pressed through a garlic press, and then serving this on a bed of home-grown lettuce, tomato and cucumber! This makes a very nice lunch, or light meal at any time of the day.

A friend has made a meal of a small courgette by cutting the courgette lengthways, and then covering it with grated cheese and grilling it - this only works for people who don't mind eating the courgette almost raw, but since some people do like courgette raw, that might not be a problem for some. I prefer mine cooked, if I am honest.

What do you do with yours?


Mac n' Janet said...

Over here we call them zucchini and I love them, but my husband does not. Once in awhile I'll buy them and we'll grill them or in the winter I'll sneak them into a stew.

Morgan said...

I chop them finely and add them to lots of meals like spag bol or sweet and sour chicken where I can hide them in the sauces! The girls are not that keen on them, but what they can't see, they don't think on so much...I don't like them in large pieces in stews so they have to be chopped quite finely for that. It works, though!!