Sunday, 7 August 2011

Friend in need

We got a hysterical phone call from a friend whose child was out of control and I had to go dashing over to her rescue. Her mother had taken her other two children out of the way, and I arrived to find said child had barricaded herself into the bathroom. Long story short - headstrong child who wants her own way, well meaning mother trying to be her friend, interesting use of discipline, and my recommendations were to step up and take control, as the child needs a mother and not a friend. Mother needs help to deal with her, though. Told her to look at Supernanny/Nanny911 type advice, as I am sure it is what she needs.

All that made me miss the church service I was so looking forward to, so I was a little miffed!

This afternoon we went to feed my friend's chickens, and I was devastated to open the box to get the eggs out and to get whiff of the smell of red mite - they are infested too! And it is quite an infestation! I missed it yesterday when we went because I didn't open the box for the eggs, as the YFG pulled them out for me. I have had to shut the three hens out of their house, and provide them with a couple of perches and a nestbox in the area which is under their house, still within their run. They will be quite sheltered from the weather under there, so it will be fine for them until next weekend when their owners get home from holiday. I have mixed Diatom with the shavings in the nestbox I have given them, so that should help them a little. I am not spoiling the people's holiday by letting them know - they will have a big enough problem to deal with it all when they get home, so they need to enjoy their break!!

Our own infestation has been reduced by the blow torch application, and we have fried a few more odd ones we have seen mooching today. I have spoken with the editor of the Smallholder magazine and she has put me onto some chemical treatment which you apply to the hen, so I will be looking to see if I can source any of that tomorrow. She's a lovely lady and very helpful!

Tonight the YFG has a friend to stay, so it may be a late night...

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