Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Mite collapse soon

We had a lovely afternoon on Sunday, but it has gone downhill since then, in terms of energy and enthusiasm! To cap it all, we discovered tonight that one of the poultry houses is heaving with red mite and the poor chooks have refused to go in (can't blame them) so we have had to have an emergency rehousing tonight. A lesson to me to check them more carefully as they were hiding in the cracks near the roof....

What with the Holiday club at chapel this week, keeping on top of the house, and now this, as well as coping with the sweltering heat, I am just about ready to give in and say, NO more! Can't though, so will plough on - hope it does explain the absence of any posts here recently - normal blogging will be resumed soon, I hope!

Great news, though - the FH is HOME!!! Yippee!!


Kim @ Lavender Fields Forever said...

Hope that you manage to get rid of the little blighters quickly

Frugaldom said...

Oh no! Hope you're able to eradicate them quickly and then resume normal service. Good luck, I don't envy you the task but it's one that needs to be done.

Greentwinsmummy said...

Oh took me a year and a half to get rid of them from one of the manor coops...So far still clear. A brutal clean is needed with removal of the felt roof as there will be tons in there ugh horrid things! Luckily round here we can still get traditional creosote,the whole thing was soaked in it,several times, the birds cant go near it as its very fumey. The when its all dried, reroofed(avoid felt) I left it empty for ages, the birds were dusted almost to death lol in Diatom powder,everytime I caught them they would be smothered in the stuff.
Damn have my sympthies!
x x x x x
ps I must get a photo of that hen!!! I just whizz off out of here so fast I forget my camera arg!
GTM x x x

Morgan said...

GTM - a year and a half?!!! My heart sank when I read that...hoping to get this house sorted and cleared as have lots of chooks growing up fast, needing accommodation. Have found local source of creosote tonight, so will be getting some v soon - Monday, I hope!