Friday, 26 August 2011

Bit of an upheaval

We have been turning the house about! The FH has built the wardrobe in the bedroom and I am so pleased with it - so much storage. I still have to get the fabric for the curtains to hang in the front of it, but it has made such a difference to the bedroom already. The old wardrobes have been brought down and reassembled in the garage, which is attached to the house. We are gradually moving some of the pantry storecupboard into the wardrobes, especially the pickles I have made recently.

All that moving around has meant a lot of moving, sorting, throwing things away, re-assigning storage places, etc. We are having some fun finding things we haven't seen for a while - I found the headband I wore for our wedding 15 years ago - it has dried flowers on it, and we realised that it is the only thing from the wedding outfits that we still have! My two-piece outfit came from the Save the Children charity shop in St Andrews for £10 and went back there a while later for some one else to wear and enjoy as well. I loved it, but being cream, it wasn't practical and I couldn't see that I would wear it again. Unfortunately the FH's waistline has expanded too much for him to still fit into the suit he wore back then, so that has moved on to a new owner as well.

The EFG has some excellent GCSE module results; we went to school yesterday morning to get them for her. They are not her final results as she is only just going into Y11 (Y5 when I was there!) but they are good - some As, an A*, a B and a C, so overall, we are very pleased with them. Adding to the last batch she got, and with the opportunity to build on them in the year ahead, she looks set for a good outcome this time next year.

The YFG is home from her holiday - the family she was with are certainly very active as they seem to have packed more into three days than we would do in a week! We "do" one thing each day and then spend some time relaxing - knitting, reading, sleeping, depending on who you talk to - but they were on the go constantly, and she loved it as she is a very active child. She has come home rather tired, but that is not a bad thing, and she is sleeping well at the moment.

Now that I have learned about pages on blogspot from Ilona's recent post, I am going to make some separate pages for my winter preparations list, and for my list of things to do before I am 40. I am working on both lists, and will get those pages up soon.

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saving for travel said...

Looking forward to reading those lists.

Especially before I am 40!

Mine will have to be before I am 45!


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