Saturday, 6 August 2011

Mite hope

I have taken the hen house apart and blasted it with a pressure washer. That got the mud off so I could see the wood for the trees - then it dried overnight and I sprayed it with a proprietary treatment, early this morning, before we went to the church holiday club. When we came home, five hours later, the sun was shining, and the little blighters were sunning themselves! So we upped the ante a little, took a risk and sprayed them with Jeyes fluid diluted with water. They lapped that up and laughed at me. So we got the blow torch out........that fried a good few of them, and we have left the house now to dry out, and I will see what emerges in the morning. Less, I hope. I have found a local source of creosote, so I am hoping to get some on Monday and paint the house thoroughly with that. I also take GTM's point that the roof will need sorting out as they are very likely under the felt as well.......oh, bother!

The church holiday club has gone well. We have the rounding up of it tomorrow in the Sunday service, which I am looking forward to, immensely!

I went to see the doctor yesterday about how I have been feeling - she suggests having "me" time, and developing a hobby. Mmmm, I said, and when would I find time for that? She spins, weaves and knits, so we ended up talking about knitting socks..perhaps I should try.

Tonight, I have cleaned my ensuite out and had a good tidy in there, and that was very therapeutic, so perhaps a good cleaning and chuck-out session once a week would be a good prescription.

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