Monday, 27 February 2012

Out of the blocks

The EFG recorded an 8lb loss in her first week on the new regime, which was very rewarding for us. We are trying very hard with this, and she is being very diligent, which I am very proud of her for doing. Weigh day is Friday, so we have to wait to see how this week will go but I am hopeful that the loss will continue, although realistically, it should slow down a little!

We went to see the dietitian last week, and she was helpful, but she will refer the EFG to a specialist diabetic team which deals with insulin resistance as well as diabetes; she is a pediatric specialist and doesn't see diabetic patients, so it was a while since she had seen anyone needing that kind of advice. She mentioned that the regime we are using has no scientific studies which support it, but that doesn't bother us as we are looking for something which works for the EFG, whether it has any scientific background or not - the variations of it are myriad and well published, with lots of reports which say it works! The Slimming World Original plan, the Atkins, Dukan etc are all slightly different, and it matters not which one uses, as long as it suits the purpose and it works!

I do think that once the weight loss is established, the plan might change a little towards the SW plan which would give her a little more leeway with her packed lunches, but for now, we are working with this.

Last week was manic, and I ended up driving over 500 miles. What with two interviews for Sixth form and the dietitian for the EFG, the orthodontist for the YFG and a full day at school on Wednesday, as well as the usual commitments at gymnastics, I was shattered by Saturday afternoon, and had to have a snooze!

The FH stepped up admirably last week and undertook to hang out some washing and do some hoovering and ironing, so I was very impressed with him too.

This week is looking quite challenging as well: back to the orthodontist with the YFG this morning, Church Council tomorrow morning, a bookfair and a school meeting for the EFG on Thursday as well as the usual gym and school commitments, so it is going to be another busy week.

The EFG was thrilled on Thursday to have her train track braces removed, although her perfectly straight teeth now resemble dentures, she thinks, particularly the "doggy dentures" ad on the tv! She had to stand in front of the mirror for quite some time to practice her new smile. We are going back this morning to have retainers fitted in order to hold the new smile firmly in place.

I had to chuckle last night as the EFG was troubled by the heap of washing that had been sitting on the landing for a while waiting to be washed so she has set up a system of baskets, and written notices to put places where people leave heaps of washing, telling them to put the clothes in the baskets! She has excellent intentions, so I hope it works.

And the budget? I'm still working on that. The Sealed Pot is getting heavier - I had thought I would save all my £2 coins, but I am acquiring rather a lot of those and putting them all in the pot was meaning I never had any money! I am thinking twice now before putting each one in the pot, but a lot still make it through the slot. The budget is proving more tricky and I am slowly working my way through it to see where I can shave a bit off each fund to increase the savings. In order to fund the train ticket in September, I would need to put £300 a month away between now and September, and then from September £150 a month until the next September for the second year's ticket. I just have to get the credit card bill with both car insurances on it paid off, and then there is the balance of the June half-term holiday to think about before the end of March. Quite challenging if I am not to dip into savings to pay that lot off - it amounts to £1382......

So, in the spirit of Lent, there is to be another Challenge here. This is Fairtrade fortnight, and I am still mulling over my Tesco problem, so I am combining all of that with my Lent challenge. I talked to the girls about this yesterday and we are thinking that for March, we will only shop at the Co-op, the most ethical supermarket in our opinion, and the biggest supporter we know locally of Fairtrade. We will also have a storecupboard challenge and restrict our spending. It is like to have to be restricted to about £40 a week; not as low as previously, but the EFG's regime is not cheap and must be continued. There will be no other spending on anything as usual - books, shoes, clothes, household stuff, leisure, etc - the usual cutbacks! Shopping at the Co-op helps as I can shop there on any of the three afternoons on which I pick the girls up from school and I don't need to make a special trip or even go out of my way as I drive right past it.

I'll keep you up to date with the ups and downs when I can!


The Squirrel Family said...

Lifes been busy and well done to your daughter on the weightloss, is there some kind of online support group she could join ? I know MiniMins have a SW support group

We too are trying to be more ethical and avoid the big supermarkets , our local oxfam sells quite a good range of grocery,toiletry and cleaning products

Morgan said...

Thanks for that - you've just made me think! There is a wholefood co-op in Cambridge called Daily Bread which would be somewhere I could stop by and get some of those things ethically. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure they don't open Mondays otherwise i would have called in today!

Mac n' Janet said...

Sometimes I get exhausted reading your Blog, how do you do it!
That's wonderful about your daughter's weight lose, hope it keep working for her.
Saving is so hard. What i started doing years ago was when we got a pay raise i did credit it to our account, I carried it in what i called my second set of books. Occasionally i'd give us a pay raise, but never the full amount we had coming.
We lived on less because that was what we were use to.