Monday, 6 February 2012

Diamond Queen

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Today is the actual day, 60 years on, which marks the Accession of HM Queen Elizabeth II to the throne.

Whether you are a royalist or not, I don't think you can doubt this lady's devotion to her duty and to her countries. Her popularity has waxed and waned over the years, but I think that people will turn out to support her in this Jubilee Year.

I remember her Silver Jubilee back in 1977 when I was just 5. She came to Cambridge to open Wolfson College and the whole school trekked across Cambridge to "see" her - I got a glimpse of a shiny car and that was that!! We did spend time making Jubilee scrapbooks that term, and we all had an emblem of something royal on the front - a crown, a state coach, etc - as a silhouette.

We are going to be on holiday in June when all the official celebrations in London take off, and I don't know whether anything is planned here in the village, but we will be in Bridlington, so we'll have to see what is going on up there instead.


Angela said...

We're planning a Big Lunch here in our village. Did you know HM has written a special mealtime grace to be said at it?

Elizabeth has dedicated herself to serving the nation, and I have so much respect for her.

blessings xx

saving for travel said...

She does a great job!

Sft x

Mrs. Mac said...

My English roots celebrate along with you. She has served her country well. Enjoy the celebrations.