Friday, 17 February 2012


I am too tired to post it all tonight but the week has included:
  • trip to the cinema to see "A Woman in Black"
  • a visit to my Dad
  • A hospital appointment and quite stressful news there for the EFG
  • the girls doing a spot of babysitting with an adorable 2 year old
  • digging the veg beds
  • cleaning out some chook houses
  • lots of washing
  • some de-cluttering
  • several trips to various supermarkets
  • church cleaning
  • a new dietary regime
  • a trawl of the charity shops in a beautiful cathedral city
  • surgery on the new car
  • the EFG going away overnight for a sleepover
  • a wedding in the family
  • worries about the FH
  • a funeral I really should have attended, but couldn't
I think that is enough to let you know why I have been too pre-occupied with real life to be here blogging although I have dropped in now and again to read your blogs. I had thought that half-term would be quite restful - how wrong could I be!

So, tomorrow will bring the EFG home, getting the school uniforms ready for Monday, and hopefully getting a couple more chook houses cleaned out.

I will talk more about some of these things which have happened this week soon, and fill in the gaps, but tonight, my eyelids are drooping....


Mrs. Mac said...

May you have sweet sleep :) BTW everyone that comes to visit and cooks in my kitchen just LOVES to use the ovenmit :)

Mac n' Janet said...

Oh my! Hope it all slows down and sorts its self out a bit.