Sunday, 12 February 2012

Away days

The storage cupboards were looking very depleted after the challenge in January, so I have been doing some re-stocking this week.

A delivery arrived on Thursday from the lovely people at which was excellent - including three huge Savoy cabbages for a pound! All that has had to be found a home, as well as the things I bought from Sainsbury's.

There has been a lot of gym going on (Tues, Wed, Fri & Sat), some school meetings, a lot of taxi-ing children around, and some cooking. Some, not a lot!

This week is half-term and the children are off all week. We have a day out planned on Tuesday when we will probably go to see my dad, and maybe pop to the cinema as well as he lives within shouting distance of our local Cineworld. We haven't planned much because of the interesting weather we are having here at the moment.

My lovely Fabia is ill. The windscreen wipers died overnight; they were working fine yesterday but this morning they are as dead as the proverbial Dodo. Cue a trip to the garage tomorrow because we have done all we can to sort it, which amounts to checking the fuse! Fuse is fine so it is beyond us.

Mount Washmore is piled up on the landing. Three loads have been done tonight, and two are decorating the airers near the fire, but the third will have to wait for morning and hope for sunshine so I can hang it out in the verandah. More will have to be done tomorrow.

I read on someone's Facebook status yesterday that it is just six weeks until we change the clocks - I can't wait!!


Mrs. Mac said...

You have been a busy bee of late. Really .. six more weeks til the time changes .. spring is on the way (although we still have snow in our yard).. can't wait. Happy Son-Day

saving for travel said...

Have a lovely half term Holiday!

Thanks for the news about the clocks. That has cheered me up too!

Sft x

Mac n' Janet said...

Mount Washmore! I love that, but it's in our closet, not your landing.