Friday, 25 February 2011


Yesterday morning was a busy "being out" time - the YFG had an appointment at the optician, then we made best use of our petrol by hitting the library, the bank, two supermarkets, WHSmith, and the Head Coach's house as well - and plopped back down here by 1pm, ready for lunch.

We made a major error in WHSmith, and forgot (well, she didn't remind me!) to buy a thing for the EFG for drawing circles. Back in the day, I used a compass to draw a circle, didn't you? These days, they have to have a thing that looks like two protractors joined together, so they can just draw around it........methinks teachers are finding it too difficult to explain the process of drawing a circle with a compass...shame! The FH was a technical drawing teacher, and can do amazing geometry from his time as a carpenter, so he was extremely shocked at this revelation.

I had to go to the HC house as we are applying for some funding for the gym club, and had some forms to fill in. I came home with onions and potatoes, as well as some odd tins of groceries that his mother-in-law had received in a hamper and not wanted, and he didn't want them either. Nothing wrong with them - a tin of tuna, some peas and carrots, and a tin of steak in gravy - perfect for a pie.

This afternoon, I will be taking the girls to the cinema as the Tesco clubcard voucher tokens arrived yesterday. There is a Staples shop in the vicinity, so we will have to look and see if they sell these strange circle-drawing implements.....


Varis Creations said...

Probably some daft health and safety rule banning protractors these days....a dangerous weapon!!

Enjoy your trip to the cinema.


Anonymous said...

One of the other reasons they don't use compasses any more, is because they might be used as a weapon. Daft isn't it? Schoolkids had compasses for Donkey's years before we all went PC!!!