Thursday, 10 February 2011

Electricity - and feeling flush in the Fens, too

The electricity company got back to me, and offered me the chance to pay the £180 extra as a one-off cheque payment, which I have accepted, otherwise they wanted to raise our monthly payment to almost £80. I have agreed to raise it to about £65, but that seems like a lot to me, so I will be keeping a very sharp eye on the meter - I have read it today and we have used £20 of electricity in 10 days - £2 a day then. I will have to look at what we do and see if there are ways of reducing that. Five refrigerating items are not good - three freezers and two fridges.......might be a place to start.

UJ came over to go to the lunch club yesterday, and has indicated that he will be attending each week now, which will be a good thing in my opinion. He is in a lot of pain, and the paracetamol/codeine tablets are also constipating him into the bargain so he isn't too chuffed with it all at the moment. I have recommended another visit with the doctor.

The weather has given in to the rain and it is pouring down here this afternoon. I am having a break at the moment - the dentist was the first trip of the day for a checkup, and I came out £17 lighter, and no further treatment necessary, thank goodness. We then went to the tip with a carload of rubbish, thence to Tesco for some shopping and for the FH to get a passport sized photo so that he can send in his application for a blue badge. I got a huge lump of boiling bacon at half price, so that is boiling away now, and will be sliced up for tea and some for the freezer, most likely.

Gymnastics after-school club is the next thing, and then I have to go south towards Cambridge for another governor training meeting tonight - it is at Wood Green Animal Shelter - I hope that they have a conference room there somewhere, as I don't fancy being out with the sheep! I'll get home by about 10pm tonight, so it will have been a long day.....

The "feeling flush" is that the Tesco vouchers arrived today - £23odd - so I now have about £50 of them squirreled away, and I am wondering whether to keep them together for a larger item, whether to change some for cinema vouchers for the girls to have a treat at half-term, or whether to look and see what else there is available on the website.......ho hum - decisions!

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