Monday, 7 February 2011

Catching up with myself at last

Gosh, was it really last Wednesday since I was here?! I am getting slack!

The Governor training went well last Wednesday, and I feel more confident about what I am trying to do there. The group I sat with was the same as the previous time and we exchanged contact details so we can stay in touch, which was a good thing to do, I thought. It just gives us all that extra little bit of support and somewhere to ask questions and bounce ideas around.

The EFG had Wednesday and Thursday off school, but went back on Friday. She helped out at gym as well, and felt a lot better than she had done.

Friday was the Coffee morning at chapel, and I just didn't get around to making any baking, so I took along some cakes from the AF delivery - some Angel slices, a ginger cake and a marmalade cake. One of the other people there was obviously disappointed not to get some home baking because she disappeared off to a shop in the village and bought three home-made style cakes for the refreshments. This made me quite cross, because they have "let" me provide most of the baking for the last x number of events, and then when I don't, they can go and buy some - why couldn't they do that before and take some of the pressure off me? Hopefully they will be reconsidering their expectations in the light of my non-production this time, and expect less. The coffee morning was generally successful and put £170 into the coffers of the chapel. The steward was telling me on Sunday how much repair work the chapel needs, so it is important that we continue to raise money for the funds as the circuit doesn't help us with that sort of thing.

On Saturday, after gym, the FH took the girls to my sister's house, and they went off to the Holiday on Ice performance at the East of England showground in Peterborough. They really enjoyed the show and then my sister fed them, and kept them at hers until the FH and I got home after the Songs of Praise we did at the chapel on Saturday evening. It went well, and people enjoyed it, but we could have done with more people there to sing!!

Yesterday was the chapel anniversary, so the preacher brought a cake to use as part of the sermon, and then left it for the congregation to share afterwards, which was a lovely gesture. My dad came to tea in the late afternoon, bringing sad news that one of his oldest friends had died on Thursday - he had just had the phone call to tell him the news as he was leaving to come here so it was very fresh in his mind. His friend had become weak, and living alone, his son had thought it best to move him to a retirement home, which my dad had visited several times to see him, and the gentleman had seemed very happy there, with the care he was receiving. Unfortunately, although his general health had been improved and was now good, he had had a stroke and been admitted to hospital, and then had died. RIP Vic. The funeral is next Monday.

And so to today. The FH is off to Hinchingbrooke hospital for a check up on his prostate gland again, I am due at school at 11am to chat with other governors and an inspector about Leadership & Management in the school, and then I have to go back at 2.30pm to receive their feedback with the Head, the AF delivery is due this afternoon, and then the gang have band practice tonight. I want to get some more bread made, and some more digging done as well, so I shall have to find time, and pace myself, to get it all done. There's housework looking at me as well, but I did finish the ironing last night, so that is out of the way for a couple of days.

I saw some snowdrops on the way home from chapel yesterday which cheered me no end - spring is on its way!!


Wannabe Sybil said...

It is so annoying when people expect eg home baking and grumble when you don't do something voluntarily. Have some extra hugs, including one from little bear which is quite sticky because darling father has been dishing out sweets.
(But it is so nice to know that your home baking is sooooooo much nicer than shop bought) WS x

Orkneyflowers said...

Just found your blog - I hope you don't mind me hopping across from frugaldom and following. Nice to read more about you and yours.

Morgan said...

Lovely to have you here, Fay. Your blog is very interesting, as I have never spent much time in the islands, apart from a day on Skye when we spent a week in a caravan along the coast from Glenelg - the road ended at the hamlet we were in - gave me a little bit of an insight into the remoteness of the lifestyle, and half of me is attracted to it, and the other half thinks it is mad!