Monday, 14 February 2011

650 and counting

Gosh - 650 posts - I had a mooch around the Stats page this morning and was surprised a little at what I found. A lot of traffic comes here from Silversewer's blog, and then from GTM's blog, and the most popular post, with the most page views, was Sausage Plait - when I gave detailed instructions with photos for a "how to make" post. People out there must like recipes! Over 9200 page views since I started - I am chuffed at how many people read my waffle!

Anyway - must apologise that I am not here an awful lot just lately. There are three big issues going on at school and that is taking a lot of my time, and my mental energy as I have to read up on how to deal with these things, and the procedures and regulations concerning them. Meetings as well! Then there is gym - we are working for another competition - but we don't yet know when it is so we have the added pressure of not knowing the level of urgency with which we need to train them.....if it turns out to be soon, perhaps we will have to add in another training session for a couple of weeks to help the girls learn their floor routines. The YFG has grown out of this level of competition and will be working for one in early summer so she has started to work on some of the stuff necessary for that.

The FH sowed the tomato seeds and they have come through at last - he was getting very disheartened that they were taking so long to come through and then a whole load of them came up on the same day, so he is relieved. The lettuces that he overwintered in the greenhouse are big enough to eat now, so he is nibbling away at those with his sandwiches at lunchtimes and is very pleased with that idea. He had been worried that they would all die in the really cold weather, but they have come through and are perfectly edible and taste fine. It is nice to be able to have some early greens at this time of year - there isn't an awful lot of nutrition in a lettuce leaf, I know, but he likes them!

And so to today - school meeting at 10.15am, church council tonight at 8pm, and the gang will be off to band practise between 6.30pm and 8pm so we'll have our tea before they go out. In between the meetings today, I need to get some washing done (MORE washing!), put the ironing away that the FH did yesterday, and do something with the mountain of paper in the office - I swear it is breeding.......the EFG said that it couldn't last night when I told her my thought, but I think it does!

Yesterday I went on a gym training course at Marriott's Gym in Stevenage - we were in the PE classroom, but the gym was very close by and we had time to watch the gymnasts training. I was so impressed and rather green with envy at their equipment and facilities! That was the best part about going - the training course was rather "pants" as one of the other students described it - the tutor had only 3 hours to get through a mountain of slides and activities - she said she could spend no more than 30 secs per slide and 2 minutes per activity - and she had us doing these activities but didn't have time to give us the right answers to most of them, so we didn't know if we had got it right. We have ended up with a great resource book, full of forms and plans to use in the admin side of the gym, but the level of info we received was minimal. It was nice to see some familiar faces from other gyms, and catch up on their news, but the course itself was disappointing.

Yesterday evening, I sat in the chair with my feet up and had a snooze, and then I watched tv for three hours or so - Antiques roadshow (I might have slept through some of that!), Countryfile, a bit of Larkrise to Candleford and then Wild at Heart - that is a) the longest I have sat still in a chair for a long time and b) the most TV I have watched for a Very Long time - but I was tired after the day!

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