Friday, 25 February 2011

Mint sauce

Yep - the first Spring lambs of the year were seen today in the local fields!

I took the girls to the cinema to see "I am Number Four" (no idea who the lead couple were, but I liked Henri, played by Timothy Olyphant and then killed off - shame!) with the Tesco Clubcard vouchers. The cinema was heaving with kids and their families - but then they were showing Yogi Bear and Gnomeo & Juliet at the same time, so I guess that is where a lot of them were, as the cinema we were in wasn't that full.

We then went to Staples to find that cirlce-drawing thingy, and couldn't, so the EFG has deigned to say she will use a compass if it comes up in the exam on Tuesday - hurray for common sense at last! After that, we went in to the big Tesco there, where the EFG found some jeans and a top she liked and the YFG got a dress and leggings set. The EFG is so "not into" clothes that I do tend to buy her whatever she sees and likes as so many times I try to buy her things and she hates everything in sight and we come away empty handed.

And so to tonight - I came home, collected the eggs up, cooked the tea and we ate - and then I fell asleep.......I have done that a couple of times this week, so I must be tired!! And we are not getting up early either - it was past 8 when I got my feet to the floor this morning, and I had already had a text message from a friend who was bright and breezy at 7.30am. And the weekend is here tomorrow - so I am planning to have some time at home tomorrow sorting out the school uniforms and such, ready for Monday. I may also do some bread baking - I am looking forward to the smell of fresh bread!!

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