Sunday, 1 November 2009

Scents of autumn

Yesterday it was the colours, today the smells! This afternoon, I prepared and chopped all the dried fruit for two Christmas cakes, and they are now soaking up brandy and orange juice in the kitchen until tomorrow, when they'll get used to make the cakes.......can't wait - then the smells will really be good!!!

This morning's DIY service at church went well - we lasted just on the allotted hour with no problem, and the music, played from the EFG's laptop, worked well. I was relieved about that. Now we have to do a Songs of Praise evening on Saturday with the same method - say a prayer for us!! It should be fine, but I am sure that someone will want to sing a hymn we don't have the music for. Always the way!

We had a late lunch at 2pm of my sausage plait, lots (nearly said "lashings" there!) of gravy, roast potatoes, carrots and broccoli, then I made a microwave sponge pudding with pineapple. That lot sorted them all out for the afternoon!! They have only just managed a little sandwich and cake for tea, and now I am going for my Sunday night treat, Doc Martin on the TV and my feet up on the sofa. Uncle J has been persuaded to stay for one more night, and the YFG is looking forward to helping me with the baking tomorrow - might take some photos too if the weather stays fine.


Toria said...

Is there a problem with having lashings of gravy?

Morgan said...

Not at all - except that I feel that in my head that is an Enid Blyton copywrited phrase and I would feel fraudulent using it in my writing! I use it in my head an awful lot though - I read EB books all through my childhood and absolutely loved them, so there are a lot of her phrases that I would love to use!