Friday, 6 November 2009

Historical cake tin

I have just unwrapped the Christmas cakes from their greaseproof paper, ready to be re-wrapped and then encased in tinfoil and put in a tin until the time comes to marzipan them, nearer to the big day. It struck me that one of the tins I use is a very old one, which my grandfather used in his bakery, and which my father gave to me years ago.

Since my grandfather was at least the second generation to run that bakehouse, it is possible that that cake tin is over a hundred years old - antique, in fact! Apparently, once the bread baking was done for the day, the bakehouse used to produce some fruitcakes, and this is one of the tins they used to make those in.

I don't make fruitcake very often as the FGs don't like raisins and sultanas in their food, so it doesn't get much use on a regular basis but I do find it good for the seasonal baking as it is a very solid tin and allows the cakes to bake evenly.

I have had an hour outside this morning, feeding and watering the hens, moving a rabbit house around, watering a couple of rabbits which the YFG seems to have overlooked this morning, and then doing a bit of general tidying up around the garden. The Partridge Orpington/Black Orp/Gold-laced Orp run has also been moved along the grass a little as the rain is turning everywhere to mud. There looks to be one Partridge Cockerel and four hens, and I think that the Blacks and the Gold-laced might all be hens too. Having a ready-made group of Partridge ones will be excellent come the spring and I shall try to breed another lot from them next summer, and I shall be looking for some more Gold-laced eggs to hatch as well, as one on its own is not a lot of good, except for looking pretty!!

Now I am going to make a chocolate sheet cake, some Twinks and some cheese scones for the Songs of Praise evening tomorrow - although I am not kidding myself that they will all make it there as the gang here love the cheese scones with a passion - better make a double batch!!

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