Wednesday, 4 November 2009

And the lights went out..........

Most inconveniently, last night at the gym, there was a power cut! We had just finished the first class and the girls were arriving to start the second, when all but the emergency lights went out. The resulting dim lighting was not sufficient to take a class so we had to pack up early and send the kids home. Result was an early night all round - and the HC gave me some more of his delicious Picasso potatoes.

Today I have finally made the Christmas cakes - the last pair are in the oven right now and the house smells divine! I have made two loaf shaped ones and two round ones - I am sure that one loaf will get eaten rather soon and will never make it through to Christmas. The others will be wrapped and stored somewhere safe until nearer the time, although I will have to "feed" them with brandy regularly.

I just have to rave about a new book I bought - it is just Gorgeous!! It is called Gorgeous Christmas and is by Annie Bell , continuing in her "gorgeous" series. I already have the cake book so when I saw this one for £4.99 at the Book People, I had to get it, and it didn't disappoint.
The photography is superb so it is almost worthy of being a coffee table book, but the recipes are great too: puddings, baking, leftovers, gifts, "hand-me-rounds", the big birds - chapter headings which just don't do the recipes justice. Look it up in the library, ogle it in the bookshop but find one somewhere!! I'll be trying some of the ideas out soon, so I'll report back.

We have had the YFG's parents' consultations this afternoon - she's doing very well in all areas and could do with a little kick up the backside in Maths. She is showing a lot of potential and knows her number facts, but is frightened of having a go in case she gets it wrong, apparently. However, the level that she is recorded as having got to now is not a significant improvement on where she was when she entered school two years ago, so I will be making some enquiries as to why this hasn't been picked up before...

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