Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Kinder neighbours

One of our neighbours came striding towards the house this morning, definitely a woman on a mission! I was apprehensive as she came to the door, but she had a broad smile on her face, so I was able to relax and welcome her in.

She had come to offer us free firewood - we just have to fetch it from the town. Her daughter works for a company which has daily deliveries on pallets, and the pallets are stacking up in the yard so she needed to get rid of them.

The FH went over there this afternoon with the lady, met her daughter and found out how it all works with regards getting access to the pallets, and brought a trailer load home. She'd like him to fetch several loads to make a dent in the heap, and then fetch some each week! Fires will have to burn here night and day to keep up with that kind of supply, so we have a friend who also has a fire and will be speaking to him about helping us out...

Those are the kinds of friends and neighbours who really bless us.

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