Monday, 9 November 2009

Another weekend passed

This weekend has been very enjoyable in a number of ways. Saturday morning was gymnastics as usual, but I taught the little boys' class as their regular coach was away. That was an experience as I had not taught them on my own before and it was interesting to see what they could (and couldn't!) do. There were only 4 of them this week so it was a good little group for an hour. After that, I worked with some girls and then helped the choreographer with a group of girls trying to learn a routine for a display at our Christmas event in the middle of December.

Saturday afternoon was a bit of rushing around to make some more refreshments for the church evening. I only got the chocolate cake made on Friday, as I ran out of time, so I had to make the cheese scones on Saturday afternoon, and the Twinks biscuits didn't get made at all. We also had a bit of a last minute escapade with the music as the EFG had not finished the playlist on the laptop for the evening's music so I had to help her with that. I had thought that she would do that whilst we were at the gym in the morning, but it was not to be. We got it done in time, anyway. Then the FH's cousin arrived with his wife and daughter at 4pm to come to the church with us. There was apparently a few comments from the daughter about not coming to church but the FH didn't give her the choice and she had to come. Why come to someone's house knowing that the whole point of the visit was to go to church if you didn't intend to go to church? (She's in her forties so it is not as if she was made to come!!) My uncle also came for the evening, arriving at about 5.45pm but he had already eaten so it didn't matter that the rest of the gang were munching the sandwiches when he arrived.

The evening itself went very well; the other ladies of the church had made a lovely spread of sandwiches and snacks for the interval, to which I added my contribution, and there were some excellent raffle prizes, too. I've learned to pick up things that might be useful for raffles whenever I see something nice that is cheap or reduced as we are frequently asked for prizes for various things! We had a good attendance from the members of our church as well as from other churches on the local Methodist circuit. All in all there were probably about 45 people there, which is a good turnout for a little village! We raised £120 for the church funds, so I was very pleased with that. The singing went well too and the general opinion was that people had enjoyed the evening and are looking forward to doing it again!

Sunday morning saw us back at church for Rememberance Day at 9.30am, which was a good service. After church, we did various jobs around the house, had baked potatoes for lunch, had to nip out and do some shopping, and then I cooked a roast dinner for tea. Whilst that was cooking, the girls cleaned out the rabbits and the EFG had an unfortunate accident, falling over in some mud and ending up needing a bath. She took her bath whilst the YFG went to our friend's house to pick up a new pair of bantams; they are Gold-laced Sebrights, which hatched in the summer. They are happily investigating their new house this morning, and seem fine. They cost me a bag of corn and one of layer's mash, so they were cheap!

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