Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Governor politics

I'm going to be honest and say that there is governor on our board whom I really do not like, and he has had three digs at me tonight, and I am peeved. There, I've said it, out in the open.

He's probably not chuffed that I was nominated vice chair this year and he didn't get the job, but he took it off me the year before and I didn't mind, so what's he got to worry about?! He rarely volunteers for any of the jobs, but made these cracks tonight about me volunteering for everything. What is the point of being a governor if you are just going to sit on your backside and watch everyone else do the work? I've just been co-opted back on for another four years, so he's going to have to put up with me a while longer!

Apart from all that, my dear neighbour's father is stranded in Cyprus, with possible lung cancer and needs to come back to the UK for treatment as the base there can't give it, but we are struggling to get him back here as the medivac plane can't bring him - he did serve in the RAF years ago but is now 88 and apparently not eligible for transport. We don't know right now whether a civilian flight would accept him, given his fragile state of health, and so both M and her mum are stressed and worried and her poor dad was just in floods on the phone this afternoon. It is just possible that they would allow him on the civilian flight if he had a nurse with him, and the EFG's godmother is a nurse, and is willing, but we aren't sure if her qualifications are suitable for the job, so there are things to find out. They were here for Christmas last year and went back for the summer in March, and were due to come home to M for Christmas again this year, flights are booked and all, but now his health is deteriorating badly. If you are inclined, please say a prayer for them.

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