Thursday, 5 November 2009

A quiet day at home

I have had a peaceful day today with the FH. It was less peaceful after 3pm, but it was still good all in all! This morning, as I couldn't find anything I could eat that I wanted to eat for breakfast, I made a crumble out of some pears and pineapple that were lurking in the fridge. The FH and I enjoyed that at about 9.30am once all the animal chores were tended to, and then we settled down to the morning's work: laundry for me as it was a good, blowy day outside so I was getting stuff washed and out on the line, in between ironing the last lot!

The FH was sitting at the table, sorting out the hymns for the Songs of Praise evening we are organising at church on Saturday. It took him quite some time, and in the end I had to help him. Lunchtime came and went, and then all too soon it was time to fetch the YFG from school and chat with some of the mums. I have missed that lately as the YFG has been cycling to and fro to school but now that the weather is colder and a lot wetter lately, she is more reluctant and I am the mum-taxi service again!!

After school, we went to town to get the EFG some football boots as she is playing rugby for the rest of the term and has been told she must have a pair as the ground is so slippery. There went £25 very quickly - she has such wide feet that we had to get a pair of men's size 6.5! The YFG also got a pair of black school shoes for a more reasonable £8. We took a neighbour with us, and went to Tesco as well, so our neighbour could have a look around. She is older and has no transport, relying on her family to get her out of the village, so she appreciates a ride out now and again. Her family are very busy, working full time, so it is hard for them to fit in, I suppose.

This evening, I am going to get out some cookbooks and do a bit of menu planning, and then do some knitting. I know it is gone 10pm already, but I will probably stay downstairs until about 11pm tonight! I also want to look at some cake recipes for the Songs of Praise evening.

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