Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Wow - 100 posts already

Can't believe I made it that far!

Today I am unashamedly plugging two websites which represent the businesses of a friend of mine from way back when! We both lived in Cupar in Fife at one time, then I came to the Fens and she went to Denmark for a while. She is now back (and has been for a good few years) in Scotland, but a lot further north in Forres, in Moray. Susan has two businesses herself, running a B&B and a website selling gorgeous bridal wraps and other items brides might need! So, if you are ever in that area and need a place to stay, will give you all the information you need. You just need to check out her guestbook and read all the wonderful comments to know that it will be a great place to stay! Her other venture is at and I just know that the items will be of the utmost quality, because I know Susan and her attention to detail.

Having had a lazy morning this morning, I am now getting into gear, so I had better get moving so that I can start to cross some items off the chores list for the day. We are enjoying some beautiful winter sunshine here today, and I am about to hang some washing under the verandah in the hope that it will get a bit drier in the sun, even if it doesn't dry completely. The YFG has gone off on her panto trip with the school this morning and was terribly excited, so I hope that it is going well for them. I am looking forward to hearing all about it this afternoon.

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