Friday, 19 December 2008

Holidays are here at last!

End of term for the FGs has seen me baking mince pies for teacher-gifts, as well as looking forward to spending more time with them at home. The EFG came home on the bus and arrived at about 2.30 pm so she was able to come with me to fetch the YFG from her school in the village. That was lovely, as some of the staff were able to talk with her and ask her how she is getting on. The FH took the YFG to town for a check up with the optician, so the EFG and I snuggled down to watch "Miss Potter" on DVD. The landscapes in that film are beautiful and I found Beatrix Potter quite inspirational in that she used the money she earned from her writing to save so much of the Lake District from development and to preserve a way of life for so many people there. Too many people who make a lot of money don't seem to share the benefits of their wealth in that way. My small donation to the Salvation Army seems rather insignificant compared with her purchases of many farms and huge acreages in Cumbria which made such a valuable difference to so many people.

This evening, we have watched some Doctor Who, and I have sorted through some old magazines with a view to throwing some of them out - not something I like to do as I am a hoarder. I also had to go and put the little chickens to bed - they are not used to going into a house at night, and all stood in a huddle near the gate, so we had to go and pick them up one by one and thrust them head-first through the pop hole. The FH is disgusted with their seeming stupidity, but I think that they will get the idea soon - I certainly hope so anyway! The wind is getting stronger here tonight, so I think that they are probably better off inside the house than outside.

We are planning to put the Christmas tree up tomorrow so I will get the camera ready to take some photos!

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