Monday, 1 December 2008

Doctors and dietary disasters!

The FH was feeling so bad over the weekend that I determined that he should get to the doctor's this morning and get some antibiotics for his chest. When I eventually got through and made an appointment for later in the morning, the FH had a disagreement and said that he was not going to travel to town to go to the doctor's, and that they should talk to him on the phone. Unfortunately, they will not prescribe medication over the phone, and I told him so, with the result that he has left the doctor in town and joined the village practice. In the village, we have a doctor and a nurse practitioner, in a small surgery which is open every day. The FH went, registered with them, gave blood and saw the doctor, and was duly prescribed the required antibiotics, which he is now taking.

The dietary disaster is me! I have been doing very well with my eating lately and lost a good few pounds but then I noticed that the loss had slowed down and was even stopping - and that got me disheartened! I suppose that is why I have fallen "off the wagon" and have been eating too much of the wrong things again - too many sweet things! However, on thinking about it, it may be that that is not such a bad thing (I am convincing myself, maybe not you, though!?!) as perhaps the loss had slowed because my body felt that I was starving it, and so eating a little more for a week or so may mean that a return to the eating plan next week will kick-start the loss again.....I can hope!

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