Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Another day as head nurse

I have had a busy time today with two patients to look after. The FH had another day in bed with his chest infection - the antibiotics are not really kicking in yet so he will have to rest and take his time to recover. The other patient was the YFG who has developed a cough which is so painful for her and to listen to as well - it sounds like a bark and must be making her throat very sore. She rested, played on her DS, watched TV, had a bath, and made these cute Christmas figures from marzipan - there is a snowman and a present, and then some words. She gave them to her little friend next door when he got home from school, so I hope he liked them!

I have been coaching at gym tonight, although it doesn't feel like I was there very much; I helped to set up, then coached in the first class. After that, I had to go to a venue in town where we are going to hold a Christmas party: I needed to pay for the hire of the room, so I dashed off to do that, took another coach home on the way and then the Head Coach asked me to pick up a bag of chips for him for his dinner on the way back to the gym! All that took ages and so I was back at the gym with only half an hour left before the end of the second class.

Since getting home, I have made a bacon pie and garlic bread for their tea, and put one load of washing on the airer to dry. I am now filling time until the second load of washing is done so that I can hang that before I go to bed. I am also going to finish writing my Christmas cards so that they can all be posted second class. Christmas gifts are a trial to me this year as I still don't really know what to buy a couple of people - including the FH's grandson...he will probably get a good book from my stock as there are some beautiful ones there that I know that he would love and his mum really appreciates books, which is good to see.

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