Thursday, 11 December 2008

Christmas tree decorations

Here they are - little stars of red or green felt with contrasting circles attached with a sewn-on button, with a piece of hanging ribbon attached. The YFG and I made these last night, and I am pleased with them. I want to make a few more, but I ran out of red ribbon (because the YFG wanted some for her hair...mmm!) and red buttons, so I shall have to pick up some more on Saturday afternoon.

They are not exactly an original idea - they are based on an idea from the Usborne Christmas Things to Stitch and Sew book although we did not follow the instructions there completely. There is a bit of Fen license there too. The EFG is making a snowman from some very pale lilac cotton, and is waiting for me to thread the bobbin and machine with some suitable coloured thread for her, so I hope to do that tonight. She has gone with the FH and YFG to the town where she is playing Christmas carols with her cornet in the band and the FH and YFG are supposed to be supporting them by handing round the collection bucket, so I hope that they are not too cold. I am doing my part by cooking the supper for them when they get home!

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