Thursday, 18 December 2008

The chickens have moved house!

Today the FH and I have moved the batch of young chicks outside. They are about 12 weeks old now and fully feathered, so we thought it was time that they had some fresh air. It necessitated some moving around of the older girls from their house to a different one but all are happily installed tonight, and we will wait and see what they make of it all tomorrow. The FH is out there now, in the dark, making sure that they have all put themselves to bed in the right places.

The weather today has been strangely mild and blowy so I have got some more washing dry. Whilst that is good news, it has left me with Mount of Ironing to get done! Tomorrow is the last day of term and the YFG is allowed a non-uniform day, so along with her school Christmas Lunch, that will round off the day for her nicely. The EFG's school closes at 1.45pm so she will get home earlier than normal, making her a happy bunny too!

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