Sunday, 7 December 2008


Haven't been here for nearly a week - apologies as I know how frustrating it can be to read someone's blog when they aren't posting and one gets so fed up of checking back and not finding anything different to read!

This week has been a hard one to get through as I have been struggling with the FH still being ill and the YFG being off school since Tuesday with the same chesty cough that has given her little rest. Running around behind the two of them has been relentless, with requests for drinks, hot-water bottles, snacks, etc - but we do it because we love them and we know that they would do the same for us. I did get a break from nursing duties when I went to gymnastics on Tuesday and Friday evenings, and there was a school meeting on Wednesday evening that got me out of the house! I also went to Peterborough on Thursday for a meeting with someone who I think that I will start working with next year - and he has offices in the same building as Merry who runs who I know from home-education circles, so I had to stop in and have a chat with her for a few minutes. That was a nice "catch-up" moment, and I hope that I might see more of her if I do work with the chap I went to meet.

The house looks like a laundry this week as there is washing hanging everywhere, as the weather is so cold that nothing is drying outside. The FGs school clothes have been hanging from the curtain poles above the radiator but thank goodness they got dry and are now ironed and ready to wear tomorrow.

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