Sunday, 17 January 2016

Stretching and saving

On Friday night, I cooked six sausages and let the YFG and her friend, who was here to share a meal with us, each have two. That left two in the fridge - Friday night was a complicated night and there were four combinations of concoctions made here to use up bits and pieces as well as cater for various needs.

Anyway, last night, the two sausages were sliced up: each made nine slices, and the slices were shared around a four-hole Yorkshire pudding tray.  They were popped in the little oven for about 15 minutes and then had the batter poured over them. Served with a little hot gravy and the microwaved left over veg from Friday night, the YFG and the Danish girl each enjoyed a couple of little Yorkies with sausage slices.......and they smelled good here last night - and the plates were cleared.

It's very good to be able to use up the leftovers and not waste things!

On Friday I was also able to add another little individual portion sized dish to my collection - I have two white enameled dishes, perfect for a portion of fish pie or shepherd's pie, for example, but there are three girls here most of the time, so I really needed a third.  Bargain! I found one on a sale table in one of the churches on Friday for the grand sum of 40p.  I snapped it up.

We have been having some issues with portion control with the Austrian girl and really, she has been eating more than her fair share on occasions, which has meant that I have had to institute these individual portions so that she gets her share, and can't eat half of someone else's as well, as happened with the chilli incident before Christmas: I had put vegetarian chilli out on the table for the two EF girls to share [YFG doesn't like it and I can't eat it] but it was more of a 3:1 in favour of Austria, and when the Danish girl thought that she might like seconds, there was none left because Austria had had three lots!  And my portions are not stingy!  So now, there are portions given or Austria gets a portion of something vegetarian and the YFG and Denmark get meat or fish.  Complicated but fairer all round.   Some of the little foibles that we have to find ways to get under control before they get out of hand but in the typical British way, I can't do confrontation, so I have to go about these things in my way, which is not the Austro-German way.........but I am learning all the time!

Hope you are having a good weekend - I am so looking forward to the return of Call the Midwife tonight - the tv is booked and there is a comfy chair with my name on it xx

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