Monday, 18 January 2016

Call the Midwife - spoiler alert

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Having been to a discussion group on Saturday morning at the circuit meeting about whether the Methodist Church should consider revisiting its definition of "marriage" [yes, I think it should], it was great to see Call the Midwife last night addressing so many issues which we are still grappling with fifty five years after the date at which the new series is set [1961]. 

We have Patsy and Delia in a gay relationship, there was poor old Sister Monica struggling with giving up sweet things for Lent, a baby born with a serious disability, and the beginnings of what looks like a bit of a struggle between Trixie and Sister Julienne.  And then there was Trixie's recognition of her alcohol problems as we learned that she has started to go to Alcoholics Anonymous.  The new uniforms were a bit of a giggle for the nurse-midwives, and there looks as though there may be a fledgling romance developing between one of the midwives and the curate, although I think that might ruffle some of Trixie's feathers.  There is the opportunity to develop a story-line about body image in there somewhere as the keep fit at the church hall looks set to be a feature of this series. 

It is heartwarming for me to see faith portrayed in mainstream television - there was a minute when the baby was born last night and her mother saw her for the first time and I am sure that Mrs Turner and Sister Cynthia shared a quiet prayer as they waited outside the room.  

In other news, the violinist won a local round of a music competition on Saturday night and came home with a trophy - her first!  She was quite pleased, and now progresses to the next round at the end of February.  Good luck to her!  

Hoping to be back later in the day with a menu plan for the week - my task for the day.  


Meanqueen said...

I love this programme. Looking forward to catching up with it later on iplayer.

Helen Graham said...

I missed this post. Well done to your violinist and good luck to her for the next round. ove, Helen xx