Thursday, 21 January 2016

Challenges ahead

Coming thick and fast this week!

Got the YFG in bed again today - she's got the flu that the Danish girl and I had earlier in the month and she's looking pretty ropey this morning, all hot and flushed.  She went to the bathroom pretty early and turned the heat off because she was so hot, but that meant that the rest of us were rather chilly when we got up, but I couldn't blame her because I remember the sweltering heat that I felt then too.  She doesn't look like she will be well enough to go on a gymnastics course on Sunday so I have to deal with that on her behalf.

I also have to preach on Sunday at a church where a dearly beloved member died very suddenly last week, and that whole congregation is in shock and grieving.  I am spending time thinking prayerfully about how I take the Lord's word to them this week.  I have to choose the hymns today because I need to notify the organist, so that is a priority this morning.

But the good news is that the recent appraisal I went through means that the leadership team are going to recommend to the circuit meeting that my appointment be made permanent in February - I was on six months' probation.  I am mightily relieved about that.  There is also the possibility of another few hours each week, but that also has to go through the meeting, so they may not agree.....we'll see.

I'm waiting in this morning for a chap who is coming to look at some leaky guttering and I have a supermarket delivery coming as well.  Then I have to go out this afternoon for a while....but not for long because I don't want to leave the YFG for too long, although I realistically know she'll likely be asleep.

Take care and keep warm today - it is chilly out there, and we have had the hardest frost so far this winter.


Frugally challenged said...

Pretty cold here too - definitely our coldest morning of the winter so far. Hope your lovely YFG is feeling better soon.

And congratulations on the appraisal result.

Lyssa Medana said...

Sorry for your loss. Take care of yourself, you are recovering, sending hugs. x

Sue in Suffolk said...

I'm so pleased that you will be made permanent! and I love that you are starting knit and natter groups. Get well soon to your youngest.

Sandra Ann said...

Hope the youngest is feeling better soon. Keep warm and congratulations on your post being permanent and prayers for an increase in hours x

veeknits19 said...

Congratulations on having the job made permanent! Hope YFG is soon much better, Vee x

Ali said...

Good news about your post and hope you receive good news on extra hours. You do spur me on to get house jobs sorted. I must admit things are getting a little heath Robinson around here dealing with a few minor house issues such as hole in window frame (currently blocked with a stone), loose sash window rope (window being propped open with a shoe) etc. I also need to find a handy odd jobber. Hope your daughter recovers soon. Ali x

Frugal in Bucks said...

Congratulations about your job-well done.

Hope all goes well on Sunday. I'm sure you will deliver just as needed. X