Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Other income

I have just last night managed to hit the 5000 points on YouGov in order to claim a pay out of £50. Now the question will be what to do with it?!  It has been a couple of years since my last YouGov pay out as I took some time off from doing the surveys - but I got the bug again as I could see how close I was to the pay out threshold, and £50 is well worth having.

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(image from oliversmalvern.co.uk)

I certainly shan't be spending it on gin!

What's £50 to me?

A month's electricity payment, a third of a delivery of oil at this month's prices, about a tank and a half of diesel, a new tyre for the car, a week's groceries, a pair of boots, half the six monthly water bill, almost half the annual car tax fee............it makes a difference when you think of it like that.  If, on the other hand, it feels like silly money, it is easily frittered away.

I've also almost earned £50 in Amazon vouchers on Shop&Scan, and within a few more weeks of sending in my shopping data, I will be able to download the vouchers. Now that Amazon is selling a more and more diverse range of products, I am not limited to buying books or DVDs - but actually, that is probably exactly what I will buy for myself as I do regard these vouchers as my own treat.  I have to have one!  The thing to weigh up will be what to buy from my wish list - the Downton Abbey DVDs are possibly in with a chance.  We shall see as I may have changed my mind by the time I have achieved the points.

Those things I mentioned above are all current things in my spending review: the monthly electricity bill has just been reviewed as I changed the tariff, the oil is coming on Wednesday, I filled the car up with diesel yesterday, two new tyres had to go on the car yesterday afternoon, the groceries were purchased at the weekend, the boots are still being researched, the water bill was paid at the end of December, and the car tax bill was paid last week ready for the end of the month.  I could have done with a bigger pay out from YouGov really!  

But it is one way that I make a few extra pounds now and again, and it is something that many people could do too.


Frugally challenged said...

I love YouGov! I do lots of surveys for a lot of companies most of which have much lower pay out thresholds but about once a year I get £50 from YouGov and it's well worth waiting for. Their surveys tend t be fairly interesting as well.

Jo said...

I love Yougov too. I do lots of surveys for my pocket money because they have lower payout thresholds but get really irritated when I've done 75% of a survey and then I suddenly get the message that the quota is full - and then I get nothing for my trouble. Yougov have never done that to me and I appreciate having the £50 all in one big sum to go towards something we need. I've got a microwave in mind for the next payout because ours is getting rather rusty.

Helen Graham said...

I had my YouGov payout just before Xmas and put it towards pressies. I tend to have one payout a year, and together with other survey sites, Quidco cashback (only on things I would normally buy anyway) and vouchers from points earned whenever I purchase something on my credit card (which I pay off each month so don't ever pay interest) I earn around £150 a year. I tend to get Boots or Debenhams vouchers with the credit card points so that I can give them to my daughter for her birthday in November. It's not much but every penny helps.

galant said...

I've not heard of YouGov or Shop&Scan even though I buy books and DVDs and CDs from Amazon!
Margaret P