Saturday, 16 January 2016


Long words at this hour of the morning are not necessarily a good thing........but I'll have a go.

What I mean is that I need to draw myself up a list of things to start doing again - things that I know work but that I have slipped out of the habit of doing, for one reason or another.  A lot of things went by the wayside when the FH was ill, and I didn't have so much time, but then more went west when I started work after he died, and I have been struggling to keep track of things since I started the new job this year.

There is no sense in worrying about what I haven't been doing.  I've had one late payment on a credit card, just because the paperwork isn't as organised as it used to be, and the freezer is stuffed full because I am not tracking things well enough in there.  We are also throwing away too much food.

Well, nothing like hitting the confessional, eh?!

Let's start a bit gently.

First of all, I am going to set up my Household Planner folder.  I used to swear by this, but I never got round to setting up one at this time last year, and limped through 2015 without it, not knowing where vital paperwork was, and hating my inefficiencies.  All I need to do is print off a monthly calendar page for each month, a spending chart for the month to slide in behind it, and then to actually file everything vital that comes in.  It works but I just have to set it up and do it.

Then I am going to do an inventory of the house - what food we have in stock, the cleaning materials, the toiletries, the laundry detergent, etc - so that I don't buy any more until we have used up what we have here already!

And I am also going to re-instate the weekly menu planning.  It was so great to know what I was going to cook each day.  With a vegetarian on board, life needs to be organised.

Finally, my spending diary is coming out again and I shall record every single penny spent. Knowing where the money is going really helps to stop leaks and control spending.

That should be enough to start with, don't you think?  There is a lot more I could do, but if I try to do too much too soon, I shall crash and burn.  Realistically, I can get my teeth into these routines again and see results, which will encourage me.


Frugally challenged said...

Your Household Planner sounds very like my Bossy Binder. It's also got things like my personal telephone directory, the doctor's surgery brochure, dustbin days - in fact any info concerning the business of running a household.

Ali said...

Your 2015 sounds pretty much like my 2015. Thinking back, I was a lot more organised when David was ill at home for a year. The first year without him has been a disaster on the planning front. I have forgotten children's dentist appointments, had a late credit card payment (irritating waste of hard earn money), meal plans have been replaced by too much ill thought out food, usually more expensive etc.

But you and I and I'm sure others going thru a similar life change have managed to work, support the children in our lives, have some holidays and you do a fantastic regular blog on top of all that. Morgan, you have done wonders. I need to organise home related things this year and your file approach sounds good. Do you put all the bills that come in the month into the file then re-file them elsewhere when dealt with? I am wasting time looking for important paperwork and even finding it down the back of the piano! Life wasn't like this before! Glad you are better and a £55 is brilliant. I'm off to get a file. Ali x

Meanqueen said...

Looks like a good plan, especially the spending diary. You have a lot more to organize than I do, so I understand your need to keep track of things. I used to print off a monthly calendar (all in one go), I don't do that now, saves money on ink. I buy a £1 calendar which fulfills my needs.

Lyssa Medana said...

I remember how you helped me in the past. Good luck, I know you can do this. x

Angela said...

When one major thing in life changes, it is so easy for the little routines to get lost along the way. Don't feel bad about it. You are taking wise steps to get back on track. xxx

Regena Fickes said...

Morgan, You were obedient to God during 2015. He asks no more. You have shown faithfulness, love and compassion to your fellow pilgrims and others. Do not let the enemy tell you that you have fallen short.
My husband flew away to the arms of Jesus 7 years ago and I still find myself trying to figure out who this person is. It will all come together and will be just what you need to do.
Thank you for the encouragement you have given me in 2015.

galant said...

Having a Plan is usually a good idea, but as we have limited space for 'extras' we only buy cleaning products, loo rolls, kitchen rolls, toothpaste, shampoo, etc, as we need it. We have one in use, and one (toothpaste, shampoo I mean) spare and usually one pack of 4 loo rolls and 3 or 4 kitchen rolls spare. Do people really need to stockpile these? That is money in goods and not in the bank even earning a minimum return in interest. So, not stockpiling could be one way of saving unless (a) you find the goods that you would normally buy cheaper in bulk and don't then mind spending money 'up front' so to speak and (b) you have space for the items bought in bulk without your home resembling a warehouse.
Message to MeanQueen ... I have actually done one better, Ilona, just for once, har, har! I have a FREE calendar (ah, but, it is with my monthly magazine which you would consider, I am sure, an unnecessary expense!)
Margaret P