Saturday, 23 January 2016

Blogging friend makes headlines!

Over at Life After Money, blog friend Ilona has been interviewed by her local paper, and it is interesting reading - although as regular readers of her blog, there isn't a lot we don't already know! It is great to see the frugal lifestyle in the press, although they had already interviewed her back in 2009.  There's a bit of repetition from the first article and it would have been lovely to have seen some of MeanQueen's amazing creativity shared in the papers - her artwork is amazing.  Her brilliant summerhouse did get into a snapshot though.  Well done, Ilona!

Back in about 2000, a friend and I thought we would have a bash at a thrifty newsletter but that never really got off the ground as it was a bit challenging to co-ordinate back then when we lived at opposite ends of this island of ours.  Now that we have blogs, it is much easier to just put the information out there and it is up to folk to read if they are interested - it seems that some of you are indeed interested in reading and I continue to be grateful for all your comments and the sharing of your news in the comments.

Thrift seems to come and go in popularity and it has risen in past years because of all the austerity measures and the dire need to make ends meet for some people.  For some, it is the need to manage of very little income, and for others, it is a desire to wring every pennyworth of value and not to waste money.  Whatever your reasons for reading here, and I know that some of you pop in just to keep up with our news, you are very welcome!

Thrift is a major contributing factor in the way that we live here, and it hasn't always been easy - some people look down on those who don't worry too much about interior design, drive old bangers, make boots last for a decade, and have their hair cut in the village salon for £7.50......but it makes me secure in so many ways that I won't give it up easily and I won't part with cash for no good reason.  I'll give it away to causes that I support, yes, but I won't be scammed out of it - I've had some very dodgy emails in the past two days from people offering me huge sums of money for helping them to secure funds from abroad - and the "delete" button dealt with them very swiftly!


Sue in Suffolk said...

Thank you for that link - lovely to see Ilona featured - I wonder if it will get picked up by the Nationals

SusanM said...

I think Ilona is so inspirational; thanks for sharing this with us. Also, congratulations on your good news the other day regarding your job. You must be so relieved. Hope YFG is feeling much better now x