Saturday, 26 July 2014

We are sailing, we are sailing!

The boat has set sail and they are heading into the straits of wherever, out in to the North Sea tonight.  I have had photos of the cabin on Google Hangout tonight, and they have had dinner - I have had several phone calls from them too!  Good to know that they are settled in to the cabin, and I have told them to be nice to the steward, who has already tidied up after them whilst they were at dinner - I told them to leave the place tidy so that he doesn't have any tidying to do!

I would say that I have had a quiet time, but I haven't - between answering the phone to them about four times, I have also had my sister on the phone!  I called in to see UJ on the way home this morning, and have had a mooch around the interwebs tonight so I haven't had time to be lonely.  I like my own company, and I am looking forward to reading for a while now, in peace and quiet.

Church in the morning, and then I may tackle sorting out my bedroom - I am concentrating on the north facing rooms whilst it is hot, and then I can do things in the south facing rooms later on - I do have to do the washing up now before I go to bed, but the sitting room is nearly sorted.  I have also picked a big colander full of dwarf beans tonight, from just one short row of plants, and must pick the other two rows in the morning before it gets hot again.  This variety is called Ferrari, and they are rather prolific!


Angela said...

Do tell me that Ferrari beans grow faster than the others!

Morgan said...

I think that they might, Ang! They are certainly growing very very well, and I am going to get another row in tonight when it cools down to see if I can get an Autumn crop out of them. I LOVE dwarf beans, and have been stashing them in the freezer whilst eating the runner beans fresh, as I don't enjoy frozen runner beans quite as much. They are also growing very well - what with the new potatoes, beans, tomatoes, lettuce and cucumber, and courgettes, I am hardly needing any other veg at the moment, apart from the odd onion and bit of garlic. Summer self sufficiency is fab!

Bridget said...

It's always nice to have a little time to yourself and get those little jobs done that you can't get done when others are around. Laughing at your tidy your cabin comment. I would be saying exactly the same thing to my children!

simplesuffolksmallholder said...

One problem with dwarf beans is the bending down to pick them! Our climbing french beans are going mad - 2 or 3 bags to sell every day and so delicious too. The new variety I grew this year get longer instead of fatter as they grow - only I can't remember what they were called, which is silly. I'm glad you are OK.

Kim @ Him, Him Me said...

I hope you will enjoy this time to yourself. usually I make plans when I'm on my own but never seem to stick to my list. I hope the girl;s will have as much fun as the last time they were away.
Still keeping you in my prayers