Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Tuesday's top tips for our holidays

Back to moneysaving today and delighted to report that I have discovered that Tesco Clubcard are offering Cineworld vouchers for just £2.50 in Clubcard points for adult or child tickets.  They are now usually £4/adult and £3/child, so this does represent a saving on the usual Clubcard charge, and could save us a packet on the full cost of a trip to the cinema.

Once the girls are home from the cruise, they are going to have to come back down to earth with a bump - no waiters in the dining room or stewards to tidy the cabin...but I am planning a few wee treats for them, and finding a deal like this makes it all the easier.  I hope that they can agree on something that we can all watch!

One I took on a past visit to Oxburgh Hall

I renewed my National Trust membership in May, so we will be able to make use of that in the holidays as well; I feel a trip to Oxburgh Hall coming on - I love it there, as it is so peaceful and relaxing.  I may not be able to afford to renew the membership next year, so I am hoping to fit in a trip to Blickling Hall as well in August, as I haven't been there before and it is somewhere I have long wanted to visit - it is a bit further afield though.

We shall, no doubt, do a fair bit of mooching around locally with friends, and I dare say that each of the girls will have a shopping trip to Cambridge or Peterborough before the end of the holiday, as their birthday money will probably be burning holes in their pockets - both have birthdays in August.  There will be some shopping to do for the EFG's new life at uni, although my sister has bought her a bale of towels, and I bought a set of crockery from a charity shop in Ely last week, from which she will be able to take some plates and dishes, as she won't need the whole set.

We are helping to run a gymnastics holiday club every morning next week, which will definitely keep us occupied - busy in the mornings with the children and shattered from the experience in the afternoons!

I don't think that the three of us will be going away for a holiday, so we will be having a break at home.  We need time at the moment to come together and enjoy one another's company whilst we can, but try telling that to two teenage girls - I have been refereeing them today via text and I am probably 700+ miles away as the crow flies!

Thanks for all your comments - it is always lovely to hear your thoughts xx


veeknits19 said...

National Trust visits sound like a good plan. So glad to hear you are making plans and that the girls are enjoying themselves, albeit in need of a referee! Take care, Vee x

Wee Wendy said...

Just found your Blog, it's lovely! Particularly impressed with your daughter's stash... Must have a word with my girls!

simplesuffolksmallholder said...

How would we manage without text messaging? :-)

rabbitquilter said...

Refereeing by text!! That's a new one on me!!! The youngsters never cease to amaze me, I must be getting old!! Glad you are jogging along this week, busy by the sound of it too!! Savour the silence, it will be noisier again soon!! With love XX

Morgan said...

@Vee - good to hear from you. Yes, I do like a good National Trust property for a wander round and I generally find them very tranquil places.

@SSS and RQ - keeping the peace from 700 miles away is no mean feat, I can tell you!

@WeeWendy - I was going to type this reply about half an hour ago and then I went for a mooch around your blog! Lovely! Glad to have you here and thanks for your kind words. Have to say that this probably hasn't been a good time to become a new reader, but I do hope you will stick around. xxx