Thursday, 3 July 2014

The world of work

The YFG is doing work experience this week in our local optician's practice.  We have been attending there for about 10 years, since long before the new owner took over from our old friend, who retired.  The YFG arranged this placement herself as it was not one of the ones on offer from the school, and she has enjoyed it so far.

She's finding that the ladies drink an awful lot of tea, but that they are really kind and chat with her and generally treat her very well.  She feels welcome and part of the gang, I think, from the way she is discussing it at home.

It has been interesting so far to see how she wants to fit in, spending time working out what to wear and how to spend her lunch hour.  So far she has taken sandwiches and sat and read a book, but today she thinks she might walk round to the library.  An hour is quite a long time in a 14y old's day, and she wants a bit of fresh air as well.  She is enjoying the freedom from the school rules, too, and the ability to have a cup of tea when she wants one, to go out in her lunch break, and to get up that teeny bit later in the morning - we leave here at 8.35am instead of her catching the bus to school at 8am.

It will be interesting to hear her thoughts at the end of the two week period.  I have already heard some observations on the morality of selling designer glasses to old ladies who aren't interested in designer goods!  Good to know that she can think for herself.


Julee Gray said...

The saying my Nan used to say "There's no flies on her is there" It's great they can think for themselves it means you must have done something right x

rabbitquilter said...

So glad the work experience is going well! Maybe it will lead to a Saturday job?!! If you see all the locals with new glasses you'll know why!!! Love to you all XX

simplesuffolksmallholder said...

It sounds as if your daughter will benefit from the work experience. (Our youngest decided not to go to Uni like her big brother and sister and finished school after AS level exams. She found herself a job as receptionist in our local opticians and now 6 years later is practice manager!)