Wednesday, 30 July 2014

It's back...

My baking mojo, that's what.

It had rather a forced return today when I dropped a carton of eggs on the kitchen floor and four of them I had to rescue them and make the first sponge in my new oven.  The oven has been in at least two months now, probably longer than that, and I hadn't made a sponge in it!  The ladies at the chapel were wondering, the head coach at gym was wondering - has she stopped baking?!

I suppose I had - the FH and the EFG were supposed to be losing weight, and that meant that it seemed mean to bake lovely cakes and scones and biscuits and then not let them eat them!  However, today, I made a coffee sponge, and UJ has taken half home with him, and the other half is going to the jigsaw club at the chapel for their afternoon tea tomorrow.  It does look rather good - I'll edit in a photo tomorrow.

My Skoda has just passed its MOT this afternoon, so it is good for another year, and UJ and I went shopping at Lidl to spend the £5 voucher I had, and to get some food for the week ahead.  He came armed with a list, and we managed to get all that he needed, as well as bits and pieces that I had run out of, and between us we spent the requisite £40.  He was very pleased with the prices in there, and think he may be back!

I have also been to the library this afternoon, and luckily found a copy of a knitting book that I have been looking at on The Book People's site for a month or two.  I can have a look at it for free now, and see whether it is worth buying - I suspect I won't buy it now anyway.  There are SO many patterns available cheaply and for free on the internet that books are almost outdated for some subjects.  I can't get to grips with reading novels on the computer at all, I still want a real book for that - but printing off a knitting pattern is simple and easy to file.  I have downloaded one from Ravelry to make myself a wee short sleeved cardigan for next summer - the challenge is that it is knitted on circular needles and I have never done that before, so I shall be on a steep learning curve there.  Just a few more hats to knit for the OCC boxes yet, before I start any thing new!


Gary Sanders said...

You shouldn't put all your eggs in one basket!!

Glad you're baking again - it is fun isn't it? I love coffee cake :-)

veeknits19 said...

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the knitting book, I've seen it on the site too. I'm still knitting hats, but plan a baby blanket soon for a relative's baby due in the autumn. Peace of mind that the car has got through the MOT, alaways a bit of a worry as to how much it will cost. I'm also looking forward to seeing the photo of the cake, sounds yummy. I made courgette muffins again from your recipe, yes, we have a glut of courgettes here. Since there's no fat in the recipe they must count as one of the five a day, surely! No, what a shame, they are delicious. Take care, Vee x

simplesuffolksmallholder said...

Mmmmmm Coffee sponge, I haven't made one for ages.
When I come back from collecting eggs midday there are 50+ eggs in one basket. I'm Very Careful!

rabbitquilter said...

I keep promising MY oven a clean!!! Coffee cake looks scrummy!! Knitting with circular needles - mmm! I found it a bit of an acquired skill!! My friend in Canada was on a mission to teach me when I visited her some years ago! I made a pair of fingerless mittens and that was fine, so bought some beautiful alpaca wool (it is much cheaper in Canada!) to make a cardigan, on circular needles and all in one piece (no sewing up!). Well, it started well and I finished it last winter, only took me 5yrs!! Good Luck!!!!! XX

Bridget said...

Looks gorgeous. Not much baking been going on here recently (apart from a birthday cake!) It's just been too hot to spend time in the kitchen.
Glad you've got your cooking mojo back, sounds like quite a few people will benefit from it! X