Thursday, 12 April 2012

Who is your Guru?

Life can get over informed, don't you think? I've been reading too many blogs lately, I feel, and don't know whose advice to follow for the best!! I feel like I have information overload, a chronic shortage of time caused by spending too much of it on here, and too many choices to make...and I could easily begin to feel drastically inferior, reading of people's housecleaning routines, beauty routines, workout schedules, etc.

Sometimes I wish I was like Shadow, the cat, answerable to no one, with no responsibilities and no expectations beyond food in my belly and somewhere to curl up and doze.

But I am not like that, and I do have those things to consider.

First things first. I'm taking a few days off from here - and from all other blog reading too - and I am spending the weekend in the real world.

With my husband and children. With friends and family. Doing some housework, some exercise, some garden work, some chook cleaning out, some decluttering, some ironing...taking care of life!

Knitting, reading, talking, cooking, creating, learning.

Finding MY way. Finding out what works best for me. Thinking, plotting and considering.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Only this weekend before we dive right back into the Summer term, GCSEs, church plans, holiday plans, gym competitions....

See you all next week x


saving for travel said...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Sft x

Angela said...

enjoy - have a good weekend
blessings x

Wannabe Sybil said...

We used to have a cat called Shadow (aka malevolent cat) with similar markings and a very similar expression. She was the Naomi Campbell of the feline world.

Actually, I've always thought of you as someone who can make really good decisions about their lives. I would certainly trust your decisions over a lot of people. The decision to find YOUR way is a great decision. You are in my prayers. WS xxx

Varis Creations said...

Absolutely agree - and whilst I do enjoy reading blogs (especially yours!) and it is nice to read about the lives of people with a similar outlook on life, it is easy to compare and start feeling inferior.

Enjoy your weekend - I'll be busy cleaning holiday cottages and washing sheets so fingers crossed that the weather holds out.

Say hello to the family for me

Wean said...

Hello, just found your blog via Wannabe Sybil - I'm enjoying reading through.
I agree so much with what you say about feeling inferior when reading other people's blogs, sometimes I wonder if the halo that these saintly, perfect people wear ever slips !
I too try to live MY way, not to try to live up to other peoples standards, they can live down to mine - ha ha
I read somewhere that boring people have perfect homes - ?
well if that's the case I'll never be boring.
I'm sure I don't come across as such a perfect being in my blog ! not much chance of that.