Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Banking on us

Listening to Stephanie Flanders on the BBC news now, I have just heard her say that the economic recovery depends on consumers spending money..........what money would that be, then?

What with the rising prices of fuel and food, the changes to the taxation system and the benefits for families, and the general malaise in the country, I am not sure what money the bigwigs think that we might all have spare to spend on getting Britain out of recession.

As a family, the girls have held sway today, and we seem to be going on holiday in the Skoda - packing it will be the challenge of a lifetime.  It makes economic sense - I can get almost 600 miles on a tank of diesel for £55, so I am sure that that would be enough diesel for the week, and more!  But we will have to be very canny with the luggage and think twice about what we want and need to take along...The FH was having doubts today that we can afford to go on holiday, but I soon put him right - the accommodation is already paid for, and we have our pot of spending money, so all we need now is some food, which we would need anyway if we stayed at home.

Spending here will continue to be kept fairly strictly under control.  I went into the Co-op today for a packet of pork chops, expecting to pay about £3 or £4, so I was very pleased to come out with a reduced £1.75 pack and even more pleased to be able to report that that was all I bought!  We continue to track our spending on a spreadsheet, and I can see how we are doing against all the annual figures.  Some sections are doing better than others, and so I know where I need to think more creatively.

I hope you are all keeping track and managing your money, rather than letting yourselves be managed by money, or lack thereof!

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