Wednesday, 18 April 2012

One eye

I'm typing with a running commentary from the OH and YFG (who ought to be in bed, I know!) as they are watching "127 hours" and I really wish they weren't! They are waiting for this poor chap to saw through his arm and escape from the boulder he is trapped under....I am trying very hard not to watch, and every time he looks like he is getting a knife out, I am covering my eyes - too squeamish to watch stuff like this!!

Today has been long and hard, and I am ready to stop and do some knitting. I had an easy morning as I knew the later part of the day was going to be a long one, so I pottered around and did odd jobs for a while. I had a bath, and then some lunch, and then it all kicked off.

First was a meeting at school about the arrangements for pre-school, then I moved on to teach an after school gym club, still at school. I dropped my assistant home and then had to go to an office for a meeting at 5pm. There have been some interesting and challenging decisions to make there, quick trip to Tesco to get some eye drops for the YFG, and then home. Driving through heavy rain was hard work on the concentration front, and as soon as I got home, the EFG was ready to go to Guides so off we popped straight away there. Luckily I could then come home and collapse! I made myself a wheatfree pitta bread, and made a cup of tea - enough!

Tonight I've caught up with emails and contacted a lady who has bought something from me on ebay, so I have to get the delivery of that organised.

I think tomorrow will be a doddle compared to today - housework is on the agenda, along with some ironing, so I can give my brain a rest....

Hope you have had a good Wednesday. Savings are still being accumulated here, although the new tin is still starving!

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Wannabe Sybil said...

lots and lots and lots of hugs. Hope you have a good day. WS x