Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Taking time equals appreciation

The YFG has been saving up since Christmas for a new phone as hers died a death last term. She has managed without one, but I have to admit that I like her to have one so that I can get in touch with her if I want to when she is out and about. It's a bit tricky ringing a house phone when she is at someone's house for the first time, and whispering to her, "Are they OK? Are you having a nice time?" especially now that she is at secondary school and mixing with people whose parents I don't know. She is able to send me a text and let me know that all is well!

She finally had enough money last week and we ordered it, and it was delivered this morning. She was so excited, so pleased with herself and all her strategies to acquire the money - and that is what I want to encourage in my children. I don't want them to look for credit, to be impatient and think that they "deserve" to have everything straight away.

The EFG has similarly bought herself a new camera this week. She has also been saving up for it, and wanted it for her coursework with art. I encouraged and motivated her and she is thrilled with her new piece of technology....taking lots of photos already!

I am trying to help them to realise that work brings rewards, and that they have to be patient. I don't want them to move out of here when they are older and expect to move into a house of a similar size and standard, for example. I lived in a little rented house at university for a year, with electric heating we couldn't afford to run, cardboard thin walls, and nearly two miles from the college so I walked everywhere all the time. We worked hard to get where we are today, and they can't expect to have everything they enjoy here straight away. I understand now that if they work hard and save very hard for several years before they get into marriage and children, they can put themselves into a better position. I just have to help them to understand that, rather than wasting income on gadgets, furniture and cars!!

I am reading Down to Earth by Rhonda Hetzel at the moment and really enjoying it. I will need to read it again with a notebook at my side, and I can't wait to get some of the right yarn to try knitting a dishcloth! I love most of the ideas she has, and Love the book!

I had to buy some cucumber seeds tonight as the seeds I had bought the FH had sowed and they had bolted and were useless, so I needed more. I like to support heritage seeds, so I buy some from The Real Seed Catalogue but remembered the name incorrectly and ended up on a website selling cannabis seeds!! Needless to say, I closed that one down rather quickly without making a purchase, and swiftly looked more closely for the site I really wanted!!! Shocking how easily these mistakes can be made.

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