Thursday, 5 April 2012

All done in!

The girls broke up from school on Friday, but that wasn't the end! We still had gym on Saturday, two church services on Sunday and then gym Holiday Club Monday to Wednesday for 4 hours a day. Today feels like it has been the first day I have had "off"....

And what have I done? Washing, deep-cleaned the hall, some tidying in the kitchen, emails and invoices for various things, listing on ebay, more washing, moving the ironed clothes upstairs, etc.

The FH took the girls to meet his sister at their parents' graves - an annual visit. He bought a new pair of shoes on the way home, and then this afternoon, the girls went out on their bikes - they delivered some eggs to a friend, posted an Easter card to my old Kindergarten teacher, took some Easter gifts to friends, and then visited with a little friend for the afternoon. They came home just in time for tea!

Tonight I have been doing some work on the Sunday service, and the girls have been designing posters for the Craft Club ladies for tomorrow morning - we are doing a sponsored knit for the Samaritan's Purse appeal and the ladies want to advertise for spare wool.

UJ is coming for lunch on Sunday, so I am hoping to find something good in the depths of the freezers, and we have so many eggs that I am going to have to start making lemon curd again - the girls are laying anything between 14 and 25 eggs a day at the moment - the day that the clocks changed, the explosion of egg laying began, and they haven't looked back yet! I'll make some kind of cake for the weekend as well.

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Have a wonderful Easter Hol!

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