Sunday, 22 April 2012

A morning wave!

Just popping in to say Good Morning!  We are off to chapel this morning to the service, and to say Good bye to a dear friend who is 80+ and moving to Northamptonshire to live with her daughter.  We will still see her but she will only return to the village occasionally to see other family members who remain here.  We are all a bit sad that she is leaving as she is a wonderful person and will be very much missed.
After that, the YFG and I are heading northwards to a gymnastics competition, in which she is participating this afternoon.  We have 13 gymnasts taking part, and this is the first time our club has entered this competition so we don't really know what to expect!

Hope to let you know how it all went later xx


Wannabe Sybil said...

Wishing YFG all the luck! WS xxx

Angela said...

Good Morning! I am just off to church as well. Have had brilliant weekend with MY daughter and her bloke, and it will be hard to wave them off this afternoon when they return to London.

But it is good to be part of a loving family [both 'human' and 'church'] and to remind ourselves that we are still one in heart even when physically separated.

have a great time at the gymnastic event!!
Sunday Blessings xx