Saturday, 16 July 2011

What a week it has been

It feels like it has been a really long week, because we have done so much, but on the other hand, it has flown by. UJ went into hospital on Monday morning, and then Tuesday my dad visited him, my sister went in on Thursday and then the FH and EFG fetched him home last night. I spoke to him on the phone daily to see how he was doing.

Thursday the FH and I went to UJ's house to do a bit of preparation work for him coming home, and brought two chairs back to our house for the FH to work on them - they needed to be higher so he made a frame to put under each one to raise them up to the right height. So UJ has a chair to sit on in the sitting room where the TV is, but also one in the living room, where much of the time is spent - he doesn't watch a lot of TV.

So I have also had gymnastics, school meetings and household and garden stuff to continue to do. The garden is producing courgettes like mad, and I haven't had time to do things with them to preserve them, so I have just been giving them away at the moment. There will be time to do more later! The chickens are also giving us nearly two dozen eggs a day....I see courgette omelettes on the menu.

The freezer at UJ's house now contains sweet and sour turkey, chicken curry, beef casserole, bolognese sauce and some sausages. The meals are pretty much ready to defrost and heat, and all the FH has to do is prepare some potatoes and veg, or some rice or pasta to accompany the meat part of the meal. The FH will be there with UJ for some time - at least whilst he is on crutches. They are calling the house a home for retired gentlemen at the moment, and I am sure they will be fine there together. My dad lives quite close by and will pop in on them often, and the girls and I are going back tomorrow for Sunday lunch. Once school is finished next week, we will be able to spend more time there too.

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saving for travel said...

Sounds like UJ will be very comfortable and looked after. What a caring family.

Hope next week goes well for you.

Sft x