Monday, 25 July 2011

Moving out

The YFG has gone to stay with the FH and UJ until Wednesday, so the EFG and I have had a day at home, pottering around. We had a long sleep in this morning, not waking until past 9, so the first thing I had to do was feed and water the poor chooks, who must have thought that they had been forgotten!

I have done several loads of washing today to take advantage of the sunshine. I am keeping an eye on our electricity consumption, and reading the meter every Monday, so that was done this morning too. We are using about 140 units a week - that has been the rough average of the past 9 weeks, which is coming in at about £18 a week; this doesn't include the monthly standing charge. I want to see what I can do to reduce the amount we are using, and to see if I can find a cheaper supplier. I have looked a couple of times, and got cheaper unit rates and then been stung with a higher standing charge, so I am being very wary.

I have changed our telephone to BT, but then the broadband has been a nightmare - it was ordered at the same time and has been cancelled twice by BT, and now the MAC has expired so I have had to ask my present company for a new one, which I am now waiting for. I am afraid that I will be without broadband for a time whilst the handover eventually takes place as I had to give the company I am with a month's notice, which I did, and now it may not get taken over in time.......if it wasn't for the fact that BT is so much cheaper than the present arrangement, I would have told them where to go by now. It has been very frustrating. Because I am afraid of not having internet at all for a while, I can't put any of our stuff on eBay at the moment, and the EFG has quite a pile of odds and ends she wants to pass on to new homes.

The EFG is doing her agony aunt bit tonight with a friend - that friend called last night at past 11pm, and they are chatting away now - the girl only lives half a mile up the road, and they could have got together in daylight, but she leaves it until this time of night to talk every time.

The YFG has been on the telephone several times today. She was bored this morning, and called to see if I would fetch her home!! I said no. The pace of life there IS much slower, but I think it will be good for her to slow down for a couple of days, and have less stimulation to be constantly doing something. Apparently she has been for a walk to the park with the FH this afternoon, helped him with some shopping and some gardening, and had a snooze on the sofa this evening, so it does sound as if she is catching up on some sleep, just like we did this morning.

Tomorrow the EFG is having a tooth out, so I know she will be squeezing my hand hard whilst she is in the dentist's chair. If I can't type tomorrow, you'll know why!

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saving for travel said...

Good luck to EFG!

Hope your hens forgave you but it sounds like you needed the rest.

Sft x