Friday, 8 July 2011

Just pottering

Thursdays are generally "at home" days now - and that is what I did yesterday - stayed at home and enjoyed the feeling of not having to be anywhere or do anything!

I spent a bit of time watching the chooks and counting them! There are a dozen Copper Marans hybrids, a trio of Barred Plymouth Rock, 12 adult GPO, 11 adult Brown Sussex, 9 Light Sussex hens, and two older brown hens, one of which is Goldenburg. Then there are a dozen GPO growers, 11 GPO at about 4 weeks old and 18 GPO at 3 days old. Quite a few now - that makes a round 90 chooks.

I had a little discarding/moving-on session as well, and I have liberated well over 30 books from my shelves, so there are a few gaps. Most of them are going to the charity shops this morning, although I have kept back a few as-good-as-new titles to put in the raffles at chapel. That felt good. Must do more of that - and thin out my clothes too.

This morning, I have to take the EFG to her work experience placement, about 15 miles away. She usually gets a lift with a teacher I know who works at the school and lives in the village here, but she doesn't work Fridays, so the transport is down to us. I am taking her, and the FH will fetch her home tonight. She is enjoying the whole thing, and the children are lovely, she says. They went on a whole school trip yesterday (small school!) to a multicultural festival. There is a KS1 trip to Hunstanton next week, so she is hoping the rain stops by then...

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